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Casey Robinson



The Meadowview has Platinum's largest "footprint." The wrap around porch makes it distinctly larger than other models. Entering and exiting from the side of the home makes the entire front porch usable living space. This particular Meadowview has an expansive 10 foot front porch. No other Platinum model provides such a large outdoor living area.


The Meadowview is a "15 foot wide home" like the Tumbleweed. However, the side porch creates 2 different widths inside. The back end is 15 feet wide, so the bedroom is larger and can accommodate a king sized bed. The living room and kitchen area is narrower and longer, like 11 foot wide units.


The Meadowview

Factory Display Model:

Property Details

Property Type Park Model Tiny Home

Bedrooms - 1

Bathrooms - 1

Size of Interior Floors:

399 sqft 

1 - porch

Year Built



1451 CR 288 LIBERTY HILL TX 78642

This Meadowview Now Available

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